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Learner Journey Summary - S1 Maths

Whole Numbers and Decimals 1 (3 weeks)
  1. Learn to identify, calculate and solve basic maths problems.
Algebra (3 weeks)
  1. Learning about formulae with an introduction to algebra, following modelled examples, using online algebra games and copying and completing algebra formulae from textbook in jotter.
Negative Numbers 1 (3 weeks)
  1. Learn to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide using negative to positive numbers lines.
Distance Speed and Time (3 weeks)
  1. Learn to work out speed, distance and time of and for practical and written examples.
Angle Properties and 2D Shape (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to identify the name and degrees of angles in a circle and in everyday life with illustrated examples.
Co-ordinates (3 weeks)
  1. Learning about drawing an X and Y axised grid.
  2. Learning about identifying the location co-ordinates of points inserted on a grid.
  3. Learning to insert points on a grid based on given co-ordinates.
  4. Learning basic geographical directions and compass points in relation to map co-ordinates.
Patterns (3 weeks)
  1. Learning basic number patterns.
  2. Learning geometric patterns in rows of shapes.
Probability (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to calculate basic possible outcomes of scenario examples.
  2. Learning to gauge likely outcomes and solutions to given probability problems.
Operations with Numbers (2 weeks)
  1. Learning to follow rules of number operations.
  2. Learning to copy and complete numbers operations on paper and in interactive ICT activities.
Money (3 weeks)
  1. Learning basic techniques to add, subtract, count, divide and multiply using the decimal system and symbol literacy (pounds and pence) of money.
  2. Learning to copy and complete money problems on paper and in online activities.
Statistics (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to gather information as data.
  2. Learning to tabulate information.
  3. Learning to represent data in graph form.
  4. Learning to draft various types of graph on paper and using Microsoft Excel.
Circles (2 weeks)
  1. Learning introductory level elements of a circle; radius, circumference and diameter.
  2. Learning to reckon circumference of a circle using Pi.
2D and 3D Shapes (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to draw 2D shapes according to measurement.
  2. Learning to draw and make 3D shapes/objects according to given set of measurements.


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