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Learner Journey Summary - S2 Maths

Decimals 2 (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to add, subtract, divide and multiply decimals.
Calculation and rounding (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to calculate arithmetic sums using devices and rounding to the nearest decimal or units place.
Length (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to measure in millimetres, centimetres and metres.
Volume and Weight (4 weeks)
  1. Learning to measure liquids and volume in centimetres3, millilitres and litres.
  2. Learning to measure in grams and kilograms.
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (5 weeks)
  1. Learning to simplify and aggregate fractions.
  2. Learning to link decimals to fraction equivalents.
  3. Adding subtracting, dividing and multiplying in decimals.
  4. Learing to calculate percentages from numerical data.
  5. Learn to work out value of percentages of a given amount.
Using and analysing data (4 weeks)
  1. Learning to devise and read surveys.
  2. Learning to form data from information gathered or supplied.
  3. Reading what data connected to specific tables and surveys.
Symmetry and Tilings (4 weeks)
  1. Learning to copy and complete shapes and illustrations based on symmetry instructions.
  2. Learning to copy and continue tiling patterns according to shapes and colours.
Scales and Scale drawings (3 weeks)
  1. Learning to identify scale of illustrated shapes and objects/buildings.
  2. Learning to draw shapes and objects to a given scale, scaled up or scaled down.
Mathematician Presentation (4 weeks)
  1. Select a famous Mathematician and create a wallchart with drawing of the Mathematician, examples of the work he/she did and a biography of the mathematician.


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