Business Education

Learner Journey Summary - N3-5

Learning Intentions
  1. Knowledge and understanding of the impact of business activities on society, in contexts which have some complex features.
  2. Decision-making — by applying the ideas of ethical and effective business decisions to solve straightforward business-related problems.
  3. Communicating straightforward business ideas, opinions and information relating to the effects of internal and external factors on business activity.
  4. Knowledge and understanding of how enterprising skills can help in business development.
  5. Understanding how to enhance employability skills.
  6. Knowledge and understanding of the contribution of staff to business success.
  7. Interpreting and evaluating straightforward business financial data to ensure effective financial Leadership.
  8. Analysing the effectiveness of a limited range of marketing activities, and understanding how they can be used to enhance customer satisfaction.
  9. Evaluating a range of production techniques used to maximise the quality of goods/services.
  10. Basic knowledge of using existing and emerging technologies in current business practice Skills, knowledge and understanding for the course assessment.


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