Graphic Communication

Learner Journey Summary - Higher

Learning Intentions

Learners will have the opportunity to use their graphic communication skills, knowledge and understanding to:

  1. Demonstrate their understanding of computer-aided design techniques including commercial/industrial practice.
  2. Demonstrate reasoning ability by justifying graphics in specific contexts.
  3. Eplain the use of digital technology in graphic communication.
  4. Interpret/respond to given 2D, 3D and pictorial drawings and sketches.
  5. Identify and describe drawing standards, protocols and conventions.
  6. Define, describe and evaluate the use of recognised desktop publishing features.
  7. Describe, define and evaluate the use of design elements and principles in promotional graphics.
  8. Comment knowledgeably on graphic communication as it impacts on the environment and society.
  9. Demonstrate creativity in responding to realistic and contextualised graphic tasks and situations.
  10. Demonstrate skills in the use of graphic communication technologies in meeting a purpose.
  11. Produce relevant preliminary, production and promotional graphic responses to a brief.
  12. Apply illustration and presentation techniques to create graphics responses with relevant visual impact and clear purpose.
  13. Produce 2D and 3D production drawings1, applying appropriate standards, protocols and conventions; including third angle projection, dimensioning, line type and the use of scale.
  14. Produce promotional graphic publications with relevant visual impact that are planned and designed to meet a market, purpose, content and style.
  15. Review, evaluate and justify their decisions on the choices of graphic items and communication techniques employed.


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