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Spanish BGE Course in the ASN Department

The Broad General Education Spanish Course in the ASN Department runs from S1 to S3 covering a range of levels depending on the pupils’ abilities. Its aim is to help our pupils to become secure and confident with their Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening.

We help pupils learn the literacy skills required in the practical use of a foreign Language.

Our aim in the ASN Department:

  1. To maximise pupil achievement and attainment
  2. To help pupils achieve the literacy skills needed in a foreign language
  3. To make learning Spanish enjoyable in a safe environment

Topics covered from Level 1 to Level 3:

  1. Names
  2. Days of the Week
  3. Months of the Year
  4. Foods of the Country
  5. Family
  6. Pets
  7. School
  8. Holidays
  9. Technology
  10. Time
  11. Hispanic Festivals
  12. Films