Home Economics

Learner Journey Summary - S2

Unit 1: Nutrients and Health
  1. To know and understand then main nutrients, their functions and sources in the diet.
  2. To know and understand the nutritional needs of people who have different conditions and requirements.
  3. To plan a healthy diet to suit individual needs.
  4. To be able to adapt recipes to meet current dietary advice.
Unit 2: Factors Affecting Food Choice
  1. To know and understand various factors which affect people’s food choice.
  2. To understand that people choose different foods due to their religion.
  3. To recognise the variety of foods consumed by people of different religious views.
  4. To know that regardless of religious views, it is important to eat a balanced diet for good health.
Unit 3: Packaging Matters
  1. To understand the various types of food packaging materials available and their suitability for different foods.
  2. To understand the importance of reducing waste from food packaging.
  3. To know and understand what information is required by law on a food label.
  4. To be aware of what information on a food label is voluntary.
Unit 4: Design and Make a Pizza
  1. To design and make a healthy pizza suitable for a teenager.
  2. To create a labelled box containing all the information legally required by manufacturers.
Unit 5: IDL Foodbanks
  1. To gain an awareness and understanding of how low income can affect people’s food choice.


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