Home Economics

Learner Journey Summary - S3

Food Safety and Hygiene
  1. The main causes of food poisoning and what steps should be taken to prevent it.
Food Preparation Techniques
  1. To use a range of ingredients and equipment to make a variety of food products.
Cookery Processes
  1. The purpose of cooking.
  2. The main methods of heat transfer.
  3. Wet and dry methods of cooking.
  4. How to check for readiness.
Nutrients and Health
  1. The sources and functions of the key nutrients.
  2. Current Dietary Goals and their importance in improving health.
  3. How to make healthy changes to recipes.
Understanding and Using Ingredients
  1. The functions of ingredients in a recipe.
  2. How ingredients are categorised and stored.
  3. How to use ingredients to adapt and improve recipes.


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