Learner Journey Summary - Higher

Physical: Lithosphere

Examine two distinctive landscapes and study their associated features:

  1. Coastal
  2. Glacial
Physical: Hydroshpere
  1. Examine the global hydrological cycle and changing river levels.
Physical: Biosphere
  1. Examine the properties of three different soil types.
Physical: Atmosphere
  1. Examine the workings of the atmosphere.
Human: Urban
  1. Describe and contrast urban change within a developed and developing country.
Human: Rural
  1. Examine the impact and Leadership of rural land degradation (desertification).
Human: Population
  1. Examine issues concerning population including population change and migration.
Global Issues: Climate Change
  1. Examine global climate change.
Global Issues: Development & Health
  1. Examine levels of development between different countries.
  2. Examine health issues and the causes and control of disease.
Map Interpretation
  1. Be able to analyse and interpret an OS map.