Learner Journey Summary - N3-5

Physical Environments: Limestone
  1. Describe the features of a limestone landscape and explain their formation.
Human Environments: Rural

Examine changes in the rural landscape and the causes of these changes and their impact in:

  1. Developed World.
  2. Developing World.
Global Issues: Natural Hazards

Examine three types of natural hazard:

  1. Volcanoes.
  2. Earthquakes.
  3. Tropical Storms (Hurricanes).
Physical Environments: Weather
  1. Describe and explain the main features of weather systems that affect the UK.
Human Environments: Urban (Developing World)
  1. Examine urban life in a developing world city and issues of housing and transport.
Human Environments: Population
  1. Examine population issues at a local and global scale.