Learner Journey Summary - S3

Skills Work: Fieldwork Techniques
  1. Undertake various fieldwork techniques.
  2. Process the data collected.
  3. Analyse the results and draw conclusions.
Skills Work: Geography of Places
  1. Locate and map a range of features both local and worldwide.
Skills Work: Graphing Techniques
  1. Learn how to draw various types of graphs.
Physical Environments: Rivers
  1. Examine the course and features of a river and associated land use.
Human Environments: Urban (Developed World)
  1. Examine land use patterns within a developed world city and issues associated with housing and traffic.
Global Issues: Natural Environments
  1. Examine the climate and landscape features of Tundra and Rainforest areas.
  2. Examine the impact of human activity on these landscapes.


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