Chaplaincy in Cathkin High School

Religious Observance is a valuable part of our school ethos and allows an opportunity for year groups of learners to gather to focus on shared values, concerns, feelings and beliefs. Within Religious Observance there will be a respect for the different beliefs of learners, teachers and parents.

It is recognised that the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 allows parents to withdraw their children from Religious Observance. Any parent who has a conscientious objection to Religious Observance should write to the Head Teacher to have their son or daughter withdrawn from it.

The members of the Chaplaincy Team are:

  • Ian Cathcart – Minister at Flemington Hallside Parish Church
  • Andrew McAlees – Cambuslang and Rutherglen Reachout Trust
  • Ross Murray – Cambuslang and Rutherglen Reachout Trust

Our Chaplaincy Team are regular visitors to the school and conduct our four annual Religious Observance Assemblies. These are:

  • 11th November - Remembrance
  • December - Christmas
  • January - Holocaust Memorial
  • March - Easter

Exact dates for the Religious Observance Assemblies are published yearly in our school calendar.

The Chaplaincy Team are also involved in a number of other activities throughout the school year:

  • Leading the Scripture Union lunch club, supported by school staff
  • Supporting Primary 7s in their transition to secondary school
  • Providing support as appropriate to learners and staff
  • Providing links to our local community


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