Pupil Support

What is Pupil Support?

It is our job as Pupil Support teachers to encourage close contact between home and school. We are committed to establishing a strong and effective partnership with parents.

What do Pupil Support staff do?

We are FOR the pupils and therefore we support pupils. We are concerned with their personal, curricular and vocational welfare.

How can we work with Parents?

Parents can contact us with information that can help us best support their son / daughter; parents can also be in touch to help the school to be better informed about their successes and achievements out of school. We are very keen to encourage contact between home and school and to seek to genuinely involve parents in their children's school career.

Support Structure

There are six HOUSES with a Pupil Support teacher for each HOUSE:


Your child will be allocated to one of these houses for the whole of his/her stay in the school as far as possible. During this time, the Pupil Support staff develop a close and supportive relationship with your child. Pupil Support staff in Secondary schools are subject teachers who have been given additional responsibilities in the area of pupil welfare. We would encourage you to contact your child’s Pupil Support Teacher if you have any concerns.

Carla Connelly

Carla Connelly
Burns House
  • Personal and Social Education

Pupil Support Volunteer

  • Craig Murray

Eilidh Colligan

Eilidh Colligan
Telford House
  • Developing Scotland's Young Workforce

Pupil Support Volunteers

  • Carly Lindsay

Laura Russell

Laura Russell
Kelvin House
  • University and College links

Pupil Support Volunteer

  • Victoria Barr
  • Colin Fyfe

Fiona Keith

Fiona Keith
Livingstone House
  • Primary-Secondary Liaison

Pupil Support Volunteer

  • Lynsey Nicol

Blair Haldane

Gillian Francis and Alistair Gillen (Acting)
Mackintosh House
  • Skills for Learning, Life & Work

Pupil Support Volunteer

  • Bethan Stoner

Helen Flynn

Fiona McIntyre (Acting)
Carnegie House
  • Work Experience

Pupil Support Volunteer

  • Nicola Young

How to get in touch

Please telephone the school on 0141 643 3470 and ask to speak to your child's Pupil Support teacher. If the Pupil Support teacher is not available at that time, office staff will take a message and the Pupil Support teacher will be back in touch with you.